• As a excellant cutting tools supplier from China, You can find the most of cutting tools which you want to purchase in our company. Include ISO standard and Non-standard turning tools, milling tools, drilling tools and grinding tools. and meantime we need to sure our products is the stable and high quality.

  • We are the professional cutting tools development team, we were concentrating on the machining application of our customer from the difference industry and provide the best machining solutions. 
  • As you know, mostly time, we need to spend so much time on the purchasing, we had to get the best price besides of find out the right suppier and  test the samples, it is very hard for our works. Fortunely, we can resolve all of your problems, we just need a chance from your side. 
  • We had prepared a safe stocks of the most of ISO standard cutting tools for our customers, so you can get our products quckly. and also we cooperate with DHL, TNT express for a long time, we can send our products to you whatever where you are.
  • Leadtime of ISO standard tools: 72H
  • Leadtime of Non-standard tools: 148H~240H

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